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Building Inspectors Association of WI, Southeastern Chapter

Dedicated to the Advancement of the Profession of Building Inspection


August 9

August Meeting

September 13

September Meeting

October 11

October Meeting

2nd Annual Golf Outing


…to the Building Inspectors Association of Wisconsin, Southeastern Chapter (BIASEW) website.  Our association is an organization of over 120 building inspection officials and firms engaged in the construction industry.  Geographically we cover seven counties and currently represent approximately forty-five communities.  As a guide to providing a high level of service to the public, our association is dedicated to the following:

  • Protection of the health and safety of the public.

  • Readily provide information, code direction, and consultation to the public.

  • Establish good working relations throughout the construction process.

  • Promote uniform administration, interpretation, and enforcement of codes.

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism and ethical standards.

  • Collaboration in the development of National, State, and local codes.


We encourage the public, contractors, and non-members to get to know us by touring our site, contacting us or even coming to visit us at our next meeting.

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