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One and Two Family …

If you are building a new home, putting on an addition, remodeling or have problems and concerns with your home, there is a wealth of information to be found here. 

Codes and Standards


NEW 1 AND 2 FAMILY HOMES…  The UDC WISCONSIN UNIFORM DWELLING CODE is the state code that regulates the construction of new 1 & 2 family homes and attachments such as garages, decks, porches, etc.  It is also referenced by many communities to be used as the code for various 1 & 2 family addition and alteration construction projects.

Link to Dept of Safety and Professional Services website Resources

ALTERATIONS, REPAIRS, DECKS AND ACCESSORY BUILDINGS…  The WISCONSIN UNIFORM BUILDING CODE is the pride of our association.  It was developed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Building Inspectors Association and it is maintained and revised on a regular basis by our association’s code committee.  It is the code used in most of our communities for minimum construction regulations for alterations and remodeling of existing one and two-family dwellings built prior to June 1, 1980.  It is also the code used for accessory structures such as garages, decks, pools etc; as well as giving each community a basis line for permit fees.  Prior to this code municipalities had to develop their own codes for additions, alterations and accessory structures.  Of course each community had its own idea of codes and in many cases the only code was in the eye of the beholder having jurisdiction, the local inspector.  This code is a silent ally to conformity throughout our communities that most contractors and the public are not aware of.


REMODELING A PRE 1980 DWELLING…  Of special interest to those that are remodeling an older home is, section 30.55 ALTERATIONS AND REMODELING FOR PRE-1980 ONE & TWO-FAMILY DWELLINGS.  This code section will help explain the dos and don’ts of basement, attic or second floor conversions.  This code section was developed by our association and The Nation Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Milwaukee Chapter.  It was a team effort to develop standards to resolve the many unique code issues encountered by contractors and inspectors, when remodeling older existing dwellings.


BASEMENT PROBLEMS, are you experiencing problems with your basement; water, moisture, cracks or bowing of walls?  WISCONSIN ASSOCIATION OF FOUNDATION REPAIR SPECIALISTS (WAFRP) has a web site loaded with information.  There you will find a link to the “Beast Management Standards for Foundation Repair”, which was developed by them with the cooperation of our association.

That document identifies most of the problems encountered with basements and the method used to repair those problems.  This document is included in the WISCONSIN UNIFORM BUILDING CODE and this is the standard required when we issue a permit for foundation repair.

Improvements or Repair Information


Consumer law for improvements or repairs…

Check out this site for the Wisconsin's home improvement laws that protect consumers contracting for improvements to their homes.

Wisconsin Home Improvement Laws

Details for conventional wood framing construction...

This site provides a general overview of construction specifics with good illustrations.  The links are great they let you jump around the information with ease.

America Wood Council

Span calculator...

Want to get an idea of what size lumber you will need for your project.  This calculator will give you an idea.  You should submit your plans to the local inspector and confirm your lumber sizes before making any lumber purchase.

America Wood Council Span Calculator

Mold information, FAQs, publications, etc.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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